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Karen Warren Locklear’s forty-year struggle with obesity is over. She has found her combination to a healthy weight, and is free to share the triumphs of her new life from a renewed, healthy body. The never-ending roller-coaster ride of dieting is over. If you have ever struggled with weight and health issues, this book will be a blessing for you. Upon reading this book you ll discover: ** A trimmer, healthier, more energetic you; ** Newfound pride in your appearance; ** The pleasure of wearing clothes that fit comfortably; ** A permanent end to your battle with excess weight. Freedom From Obesity: Unlock Your Combination to a Healthy Weight will help you free yourself and shed those extra pounds. Put Karen Locklear’s proven methods to work for you today! If you ve lost sight of the dream of ultimate health and wellness, and you never again want to experience the dieting roller coaster, this book will empower you to understand that being lean and fit starts from the beauty within your mind.

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Please enjoy these audio chapters recorded by Karen in June 2011.

Forward (Dr. Ben Locklear)
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